The Intel P35 Chipset Motherboard Round-Up – Abit, ASUS, Foxconn

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Overclocking Results

Intel P35 Overclocking Results

Intel P35 overclocing results

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Most of the boards that we have represented here did a fine job in the overclocking department.  The only exception was the ECS board, which had to have had some BIOS issues.  That being said, any of the other boards are certainly worthy for you to look at if you are an overclocking enthusiast. 

We overclocked in two different ways to find out the limits of the boards we had.  First off, we tested the boards using the default multiplier of the CPU to find out how the board could push our processor.  The majority of the boards pushed over the 400fsb mark.  In fact, the two Asus and the Foxconn boards topped our previous record.  The P5K got us to 404 fsb, the highest our little CPU has done yet.

We then lowered the multiplier to 6x and set out to see how far we could push the motherboards.  The ECS had no multiplier adjustment, so it was out from the git-go.  The Abit had issues running with the Multiplier, and we can only assume this is an issue with our board as we have seen other get better results.  Again, we set another record with the two Asus boards.  In fact, the P5K Deluxe took home the record in this as well, reaching an incredible 507fsb. 

Clearly the P35 chipset is a great enthusiast chipset, and maks it hard to believe the the upcoming X38 chipset will be able to do much more in the arena of overclocking, though we look forward to finding out.

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