Rumor – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 Coming Fall 2014

Are you looking for information on the upcoming NVIDIA Maxwell GM204 (high-end segment) and GM206 (performance segment) GPU cores? Well, it looks like has reportedly received information from industry sources that claim they know the release date of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800 series cards for desktop PCs. Sweclockers says that the launch will be taking place in Q4, so that puts it between October through December. The site goes on to say that the GeForce GTX 880 and GeForce GTX 870 will both be based on the GM204, which is said to be the successor of the GK104. Is there still a GM210 coming for the ultra high-end sku for the next-generation GeForce GTX Titan possibly. We really aren’t sure though as the GM210 rumor mill is pretty quiet.

According to a Czech site that got information from “various sources,” the GeForce GTX 880 will boast 3200 CUDA cores (stream processors, a 950MHz Boost clock, and 5.7 TFLOPs when it comes to GPU compute. The site also claims the card will feature a 256-bit path to 4GB of GDDR5 memory running at 7400MHz. That site also mentioned that the GM210 and GM204 GPUs will be the first NVIDIA GPUs to feature an integrated ARM 64-bit processor core. Some speculate that the ARM core is supposed to handle the graphics driver overhead and be NVIDIA’s solution to head off AMD’s Mantle API. Thousands of gamers are interested in what NVIDIA is cooking up for their next-generation graphics cards, so this is good news. Word on the street is that the second generation Maxwell GPUs are already taped out and being built on the 28nm process node by TSMC instead of the 20nm process that was initially rumored.

If new NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards aren’t enough to get you excited this fall, Intel announced last month that they would be releasing the 4th Generation Core ‘Browadwell’ series of processors before the 2014 holiday season. It looks like desktop PC gamers and enthusiasts are going to be in for one heck of a good winter!


  • Adam

    better price from AMD makes me happy… 256 vs 512 I would rather have more than less always…

  • SeanJ76

    Nvidia cards do very well with the smaller 256 bit bus, my 670 GTX FTWs Sli does very well with the smaller memory bus. They are saying the 880/870 will have a 7400mhz memory clock similar to the 770GTX (and oc’ed 670 FTWs). This means Nvidia will again, hold the title for fastest stock memory clock on a gpu.

    • Acidfix

      Yes but then AMD will release something better or just as good with a better price tag.

  • 86

    Smells like bullshit.

  • godrilla

    I believe amd also has a 28 nm r9 290x successor in the pipe.

    • Steven De Bondt

      And that one will not have a 256 bit memory bus xD

      Still dont get why its 256 bit with maxwell….

      • Masteroverclock

        The 680 only uses a 256 but bus , each controller is revised on every new architecture. It will no doubt still carry very high bandwidth especially with higher clocked VRAM. Hence why on the second revision of Keplar we moved to a bigger bus , no doubt this will happen again with maxwell revisions

        • Steven De Bondt

          Yeah, it does have a higher bandwidth for a 256 bit bus relative to AMD, yet AMD still has higher GB/s throughputs in the memory.
          I guess it will all be on the same lvl in the end, but doesn’t higher clocked VRAM mean more power usage?

        • godrilla

          More power usage offset probably by maxwell bag of tricks of efficiency.

        • AngryBadger

          Yeah, power efficiency seems to be one of the features of maxwell. IIRC, the 750ti (maxwell) is pretty darn easy in that category. although I wonder how it will scale up to the higher models.

        • basroil

          Higher clocks don’t always mean more power, just look at the original 1333MHz DDR3 sticks (at 1.65V) and compare them to the low voltage (1.35V) 1866MHz sticks. Process changes might be enough to actually make the memory faster AND more power efficient

      • godrilla

        Pure profits? So they are trying to feed us a 28nm 256 bit in the end of 2014!

        • basroil

          256bit vs 512bit is kind of like comparing a machine-gun to a shotgun (with birdshot) and saying one shoots more lead than the other. The devices are both limited at the L2 cache level anyway, AMD decides to make each L2 limited to one 64bit channel and then sticking their crossbar between that and the actual execution, while nvidia chose the unified L2 with a hell of a lot more cache space (3x more comparing 780 to the 290x) .

          256bit vs 512bit isn’t as big of a deal unless you are comparing the same architecture

        • Arnoud van Lieshout

          What the hell has Cache to do with GBPS… you prolly copy paste your text and have no fucking clue u talk about.

          a low bandwith is shit as it is.

        • basroil

          Cache has EVERYTHING to do with overall performance, as the GPU cores cannot (by the nature of how processors work) directly access system memory. Everything is loaded onto cache before it can be executed, and cache is far faster than even GDDR5. The more cores you have doing the same calculation on sequentially accessible things, the more you need to access neighboring chunks of memory. And if you have a larger cache you can pre-fetch next chunk of data before you need it and avoid waiting for slow as molasses memory. You CAN offset slow memory with a larger cache and better pre-fetcher, especially for graphics.

        • Guest

          Actually, the larger the cache, the less strain there is for large bandwidth. The early Kepler stuff has been running on 128bit buses, so upping to 256 along with the supposed speed of the cores and memory will give it a very healthy boost.

      • Karsten Fistvogn

        Because Maxwell have 2MB cache instead of Keplers 256KB. With 2MB of cache and 256Bit Memory bus it nearly gives the samme as 256KB of cache with 384Bit bus. And the advantage is that first choise use less power with almost same performance.

    • Skapells

      does it come with a fire extinguisher?