Rosewill R5 Black Mid Tower Case Review

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Final thoughts of the Rosewill R5 Chassis

The Rosewill R5 chassis is by far your typical standard, every day, mid-tower chassis. What makes the R5 not a typical mid-tower chassis? It is because of the shear amount of room that we get inside of this particular chassis. There are other areas that I liked about the Rosewill R5 chassis and they include: The addition of 4 water cooling access ports into this chassis, as this will give some of us computer users the capability of running dual loop water cooling set ups. To finally, the R5 chassis is able to handle up to six 3.5” and 2.5” HDD/SSDs without the need of having to purchase 2.5” HDD/SSD adapters in order for us to use these smaller type of drive in with the R5 chassis.

R5 3/4 Top View

Like all chassis I have used over the years, there are areas that I think where Rosewill can improve upon with the R5 chassis. The first area is the HDD carriers, they did feel a bit flimsy when I was installing my HDDs into them. While we are on the subject of the HDD carriers, Rosewill could have placed the 2.5” HDD/SSD mounts right in the middle of the carriers, instead of having them mount off to the side,as this will make installation go a lot smoother. The front and upper foam fan filters, I would have liked to have them to be removable, so that we may be able to clean these filters easier if and when it is needed/required. Finally getting to the motherboard tray itself, this is the biggest thing I did not care for with the R5 chassis. Having the motherboard channel incorporated with this chassis is a good theory, but in everyday practicality actually hinders the flexibility of the R5 chassis on the types of motherboards that can be used.

Looking over at PriceGrabber for a pricing of this chassis, I can see that this chassis carries a price tag of $79.99 Shipped and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. The Rosewill R5 chassis falls right in the middle when it comes to price. Newegg has 323 ATX Mid Tower cases for sale and prices range from $30 shipped to $260 shipped. The $50 to $100 price range is the sweet spot for the mid tower market and this case falls right in there. Not too many mid towers can offer what this chassis does. Like, plenty of room inside, the capability of handling up to 6 3.5/2.5″ HDD/SSDs, and it is the only chassis in this class that I have ever used that can accommodate a dual loop external water cooling set up.

Legit Bottom Line: If you are needing a chassis and you are using the standard sized ATX/mATX motherboards, the Rosewill R5 chassis is right up your alley. Now, if you are like me and you happen to be using some of the larger ATX style motherboards then the Rosewill R5 chassis may not fit your computing needs.

Rosewill R5 Case

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