Powerline Network Adapter Shootout

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Powerline Speed Test Results – Same Room

The first test was done in the same
room sharing the same power plug. This, in theory, should be the maximum
transmit/receive speeds for each Powerline. We left the security
encryption off of all the units during our test to try and minimize any
interference or compression.

Same Room Speed Test

Same Room Speed Test Same Room Speed Test

On average, the TrendNET TPL-401E2K
just edged in front of the D-Link AV 500 for the best transfer speeds in
the same room. For large data, the Belkin F5D4085 puts in a strong
performance but falls off when looking at smaller data packets.

we played our HD videos, we found each played with no problems or
stuttering.  Even though there appears to be a difference between the
test numbers between our ‘best’ performer – the TrendNET and the Netgear
– each had the same performance when it came to streaming our 720p and
1080p videos.

To be honest, out of all our tests, the “Same Room” tests are
probably the least useful since if you are serious about using a
Powerline Adapter, you most likely will want to connect a computer or
net-ready device that is remote and not local.  This test does give us a
pretty good indication of the maximum transmission and receive speeds
of each of the units. 

Let’s look at how our adapters work when we move our computer down the hall to another room.

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