Patriot Torqx 128GB MLC SSD Review

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HD Tune v3.50 Random Access

When HD Tune Pro 3.50 was released in December 2008 it included a brand new Random Access test. The random access read and write test is a very important performance area to look at on solid state drives as some controllers have problems with random writes.

HD Tune 3.50 Random Access Read

Benchmark Results: The random read marks were decent but you can see that random writes are nowhere near what the sequential writes are and this result is pretty typical for most MLS SSD drives although overall the scores are lower than expected.

HD Tune 3.50 Random Access Write

Benchmark Results: Again, random vs. sequential writes show a pretty large gap in performance. Performance does seem to increase as file size increases which is not always the case with all drives.

4KB Random Write File Test Results Chart:


Comparison Chart: The Patriot Torqx falls near the end of the pack on this benchmark all the way around. The average speed came in almost a third of the leaders which was a little surprising.

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