OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCI-E SSD Review

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AS-SSD & PCMark 7 Benchmarks

AS-SSD (1.6.4237.30508) Benchmark – Intel P67 Platform

We have been running the AS-SSD Benchmark app for over some time now and found that it gives a broad result set. The programmer has worked very hard on this software and continues to make updates often so if you use it, show him some love and send him a donation. There are now three tests that are found within the tool and we’ll show the results from all of them.

RevoDrive Hybrid AS-SSD

The combined look at all of the drives is below in the chart.

RevoDrive Hybrid AS-SSD Chart

Benchmark Results: Like the two previous benchmarks, no subsequent runs were needed to obtain the highest attainable scores by the RevoDrive Hybrid. Not true again for the SRT platform. The RevoDrive Hybrid lead in only the sequential reads and really only trailed the Agility 3 drive in most of the tests. Very nice.

PCMark 7 Professional – Intel P67 Platform

We are continuing to use the new PCMark 7 software since they have updated it to version 7 which is specifcially designed for Windows 7. It measures the performance of the latest PC hardware across a variety of common scenarios. PCMark Vantage 7 supports both system level and component level benchmarking and comprises several different test suites but for the purposes of this review, we employed the secondary storage suite. The nice thing about it is that you can submit your scores online and compare against others.

RevoDrive Hybrid PCMark 7

RevoDrive Hybrid PCMark 7 Chart

Benchmark Results: This time, a subsequent pass did show a small difference in some of the scores but not all. Overall, except for the bare HDD, the scores were relatively close together for most of the tests in comparison to the others.

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