NZXT X42, X52, and X62 Liquid CPU Cooler Review Roundup

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The Test System

Before we take a look at the performance numbers, let’s take a brief look at the test system that was used.  All testing was done using a fresh install of Windows 10 Professional 64-bit and benchmarks were completed on the desktop with no other software programs running.

ALL COOLERS will be using Noctua NT-H1 thermal compound, which requires zero cure time.

  • Intel Core i7 4770k Quad-Core Haswell CPU
  • NZXT All-New Kraken Cooler – X62, X52, or X42
  • 8GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600MHz Memory
  • MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard
  • EVGA GTX 570 Classified Video Card
  • Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB
  • Corsair AX860i 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply
  • Windows 10 Professional Operating System
  • Thermaltake Core X71 Chassis

Intel Z97/LGA1150 Platform

The Intel Z97 platform that we used to test these coolers was running the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard with BIOS version 1.D that came out on 02/17/2016.  We will be sticking with this version of the BIOS between all coolers.  The processor used, the Intel Core i7 4770k, will be using the stock frequency of 3.5GHz with turbo boost enabled, which can boost it up to 3.9GHz.  Low power state is enabled and the CPU frequency and v-core are set to AUTO, just like they were out of the factory.

When we do our overclocking, the 4770k will be overclocked to 4.4GHz at 1.1850 volts, which is just a hair over the stock 1.1755 volts read from Core Temp.  This particular 4770k may have a little more in it, but I had difficulties with going above 4.5GHz while retaining reasonable temperatures, so I settled on 4.4GHz.

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  • B.

    Great review if not for a fact you failed to mention clearance issues between leftmost ram slot and pump… tbh for me it looks intentional. A picture with pump in correct position is very darkened while bright ones are only in flipped position. Not so honest are we?