NZXT H440 Razer Edition Mid-Tower Case Review

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H440 Razer Edition Internal Impressions

Removing the windowed side panel is extremely easy, two thumbscrews and pull it towards the back of the case.  Once it’s off, we can see the inside of the case.  The exterior paint has been done on the interior so it matches perfectly.  Looking at the motherboard tray, we can see there are many cable management holes in the tray.  Two large and one small holes at the top are not protected by rubber cable guards, however the three large vertical holes are.  Along the bottom are two additional holes which are not protected, these holes will only be accessible if installing a mATX or Micro-ITX motherboard.  The largest holes in the motherboard tray is to access the CPU cooler on the back of the motherboard, it is extremely large and oddly shaped.  One final thing to notice, is the three vertical cable management holes, are at an angle which might make it a bit easier to manage the cables.


While the normal area reserved for 3.5″ drives is covered, we took a look at the front intake fans from the back side of the case.  Here we can see the three 120mm FN V2 fans.


Looking at the bottom, we usually find the location for the power supply, NZXT has covered the power supply in the H440 series, and used that location for two 2.5″ drive locations.  In the standard H440, NZXT has placed their name on the side of the power supply cover, Razer has changed that to their logo.  Also on the power supply cover are three cable management holes.  The two towards the back would be perfect for the power and data cables for the 2.5″ drives, along with the various headers on the bottom edge of the motherboard.  The other could be used for the PCI-E power cables if you didn’t want to route them to the back side.


After taking a look at the back panel of the case from the outside, the inside view is exactly as we would expect.  The seven expansion slot covers are held in place with thumbscrews.


With the back panel removed, we can see the back side of the motherboard tray.  Using a lot of space between each of the 3.5″ drive trays, allows for only five hard drive trays, and a sixth location on the bottom of the case.  While six will probably be more than most people need, it seems like a huge waste of space.  Squeezing the drives closer would allow for better space management, perhaps to allow for custom liquid cooling while still using multiple hard drives.  For those that want to have the cleanest cable management possible, there are a total of twenty-one cable tie locations on this side of the case.


Below the extra large CPU cooler cutout, is a simple ten fan hub.  This is not a PWM fan hub, which would be beneficial, however it does make it extremely easy to connect all the fans to one central location.


At the top of the back panel is the LED controller, each of which are well marked to know exactly how things are connected.


There are a total of five 3.5″ hard drive trays, which will also work with 2.5″ drives.  For a 3.5″ drive, the screw holes have anti-vibration washers in place.  These trays are made out of steel and are extremely well built.


There are two 2.5″ drive trays included in the H440.  These are held in place with slide locks and a thumbscrew, while the 2.5″ drive is held in place with four screws through the bottom of the tray.


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  • Shrey Baid

    where is the place for the optical disk drive?!

    • Steven Kean

      There is no place for an optical drive. Thats a plus and a negative depending on your needs.

  • Philmoeslim

    Well RMA was super easy. Since I ordered on Amazon I just logged in and clicked return/replace. They are overnighting the case to me. Piece of cake

  • Philmoeslim

    My case worked perfectly for 2 weeks, then one of the bottom led lights went out. Haven’t tried to RMA it yet. I will let you know how that goes.


    My case was LED’s were dead on arrival. NZXT support is giving me the
    runaround, not getting anywhere with the warranty/replacement. Would NOT
    recommend this case if you want the LEDs working. Only 1 of the 5 work.

    • khoosoonkhong led keep failing.led dead twice just on the second day of purchased. And i have to carry this heavy casing few times back to the shop..and surprisingly..the shop owner took out all of thier nzxt razer cases and most of them have led problem only the 5th one gt led light. But still the led on top the power button has failed..and im tired of waiting so i just accept it.