NZXT H440 Razer Edition Mid-Tower Case Review

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NZXT H440 Razer Edition Packaging

While most cases are shipped in plain cardboard boxes, the NZXT and Razer have packed the H440 Razer Edition in a full color box; which doesn’t really mean much when most people will purchase the case online.  It is still nice to see them take pride in their product by wrapping it in a nice box.  The front of the box, doesn’t provide much information other than a quick picture of the case and the model.


The back of the box is where you begin to get a sense of what makes the H440 Razer Edition unique.  Providing pictures of several of the features that Razer designed for this case, you begin to get a feel for what they have done differently.


On one of the two sides, they have spelled out the H440 specifications in case you do find this in a retail setting.  The second side just provides a straight view of the front panel.


Inside the box, the case is packed in pretty standard packaging.  The case itself is placed in a large plastic bag, which is then nestled between two thick Styrofoam blocks.  One thing that is a little different, is that the Razer logo on the front of the case is covered with a second piece of plastic to keep it from getting scratched.  When the case is removed, we also find that the side panel window is covered on both sides to prevent scratches.  Small touches, such as these, show the care a company takes to ensure the case arrives in perfect shape.


NZXT ensures that there are plenty of included accessories to install every piece of hardware inside their cases.  With the H440 Razer, they have included a user guide and a small NZXT Product catalog.  To install the components, there are a total of 20 cable ties, thirty-two 2.5″ hard drive screws, four power supply screws, four short fan screws, a standoff installation tool, a single standoff and thirty-four motherboard/3.5″ hard drive screws.


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  • Shrey Baid

    where is the place for the optical disk drive?!

    • Steven Kean

      There is no place for an optical drive. Thats a plus and a negative depending on your needs.

  • Philmoeslim

    Well RMA was super easy. Since I ordered on Amazon I just logged in and clicked return/replace. They are overnighting the case to me. Piece of cake

  • Philmoeslim

    My case worked perfectly for 2 weeks, then one of the bottom led lights went out. Haven’t tried to RMA it yet. I will let you know how that goes.


    My case was LED’s were dead on arrival. NZXT support is giving me the
    runaround, not getting anywhere with the warranty/replacement. Would NOT
    recommend this case if you want the LEDs working. Only 1 of the 5 work.

    • khoosoonkhong led keep failing.led dead twice just on the second day of purchased. And i have to carry this heavy casing few times back to the shop..and surprisingly..the shop owner took out all of thier nzxt razer cases and most of them have led problem only the 5th one gt led light. But still the led on top the power button has failed..and im tired of waiting so i just accept it.