Intel Pentium G3258 Dual Core Processor Gaming Performance

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Metro Last Light



Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and features action-oriented gameplay with a combination of survival horror elements. It uses the 4A Game engine and was released in May 2013.



Metro: Last Light was benchmarked with very high image quality settings with the SSAA set to off and 16x AF. These settings are tough for entry level discrete graphics cards, but are more than playable on high-end gaming graphics cards. We benchmarked this game title on the Theater level.

Intel Pentium G3258 Metro Last Light Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: In Metro: Last Light the Intel Pentium G3258 saw some huge gains when overclocked! At the stock speed of 3.2GHz the G3258 averaged 42.33 frames per second at 1920×1080, when the processor was overclocked to 4.8GHz the performance at that resolution increased to 47.33 frames per second. That’s a gain of nearly 12% from simply overclocking a $60 processor! The gains at 1280×1024 were even more impressive. At the stock speeds the system increased from 48.39 frames per second to 59.78 frames per second! That’s a fuzz over 23%!

Metro Last Light Medium Image Quality Settings

Metro Last Light Medium System Settings

Metro Last Light Medium Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: Lowering the Image Quality settings to medium in Metro Last Light really showed the Intel Pentium G3258 being the system bottleneck. At the maximum resolution of 1920×1080, the G3258 averaged 50.29 frames per second while the Intel Core i7-4770K averaged 86.59 frames per second. Overclocking the ~$65 Intel Pentium G3258 to 4.8GHz increased the average to 66.36 frames per second which is a great performance boost for a budget chip!

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  • Herve Shango

    intel has doe a swift great job of bringing the pentium back to its core potential performance

  • Mr. Potato

    Can this open hd videos by itself i mean without a graphics card

  • What software did you use to benchmark the games? It looks awesome.

  • Cicero_68

    I don’t see who is going to use this CPU other than “those that want to toy with overclocking”.
    The low cost of the G3258 is nullified by the requirement for a Z87/Z97 mobo and after-market cooler. It makes more sense to use a Core i3 that gives the same performance without overclocking.

    • Alec van Zyl

      I completely agree. It makes sense if you are a OC enthusiast or if you cant shell out any more on your cpu.

    • traciatim

      Except of course if you use the Asus boards that allow for unlocked multiplier on 4 of the budget chipsets. That means as long as you aren’t going for overclocking records you can get the G3258, a budget board, and a beefy video card and have a pretty nice gaming rig.

  • Alien Antler Farm

    Sub £50 in the UK, still a small premium over the US…

    • Alien Antler Farm

      £40, 20% drop already 🙂

  • SkidRowJoe

    Could be wrong but isn’t 1.35 volts the upper SAFE limit on Intel processors? How long will the G3420 last running @ 1.499 core voltage 24/7 ?

    • More power means more heat of course, but I think if it`s cooled properly then it shouldn`t be a problem. I still think it`ll last longer than what you`ll actually need it for. There are so many people with Sandy Bridge i5`s and i7`s still running huge overclocks 24/7 and they still run like a charm.

  • Coach

    It’s only $59.99 today! (7/7/14) at the PA Microcenter location! 🙂