Intel 2014 Desktop Processor Roadmap Leaked – Broadwell-K Is Socketed

Did you hear that Intel would not be releasing a Broadwell processor lineup for their LGA1150 desktop platform? We heard that Intel would not be doing one, but a slide that has been leaked overseas tells a different story.  If the slide is real, it shows what Intel is planning on releasing in 2014 and even part of 2015. According to the new roadmap there will be a Haswell Refresh taking place in the first half of 2014.  This refresh will include bringing the Intel 9 series chipset to market and likely some new processors! This confirms that Intel has changed their mind about not offering socketed desktop processors beyond the Haswell Refresh!


The most interesting this on the slide is the introduction of Broadwell-K processors in late 2014. Details are sketchy, but from what we gather Intel’s 9-series chipsets will support both Broadwell (BRW) and Haswell Refresh (HSW-R) microprocessors, but will lack support of current-generation Haswell processors. This is due to the fact that the 4th Generation Core i processors have an integrated voltage regulator (Intel calls this FIVR: Haswell’s Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator.) It appears that Intel has moved this back off-die and back onto the motherboards, in an attempt to reduce the heat produced by the processor. This means that those building Intel Haswell platforms today with the 8 series chipset could end up with no upgrade path when it comes to the processor. This is certainly not good for enthusiasts that always like to have an upgrade path, especially on a brand new socket.

There is a glimmer of hope though that this is not the case. Notice that the business class shows the Haswell Refresh and the 8 Series Chipset is still listed. If the Haswell Refresh is shown to be compatible with the 8 series chipset why wouldn’t it be on the consumer side? This could be just a typo or show that the entire slide is fake.


The Intel 9-series chipsets will likely consist of the Z97 Chipset for high-end enthusiasts and the H97 Chipset for mainstream consumers.  It is believed that the new ‘must have’ feature on these boards will be SATA Express support. SATA Express will significantly improve SSD speed as it will eliminate the bottleneck that current Solid-State drives have on the SATA III 6Gb/s interface. SATA Express uses up to two PCI Express 3.0 lanes to offer a peak transfer rate of 16Gb/s, or 2GB/s, compared to SATA 3’s 6Gb/s! That right there alone is more than enough reasons for enthusiasts and gamers to want an Intel 9 series platform!

  • D3Seeker

    So the X79 IS on it’s last leg, and the Z87 is to be but a blimp. An uninteresting blimp that was best left unseen or imagined. Not even a REAL 4770K!

    Nice to know Intel is actively engaged in killing off the PC business outside of the business sector. Bad part is they’re gonna weep, and really mean it when they realize we’re all fed up with their shenanigans.

    • Laur Joost

      Hm? Problem is: if you want data-crunch ability on a home-PC, who else but Intel is there? AMD does good on integrated graphics, but that’s it. If you want the best bang per core or watt, you either shell out to Intel or nothing. It’s sad, but it’s the current state of affairs.

      I’m really really waiting for AMD to up their game in the CPU category, but that hasn’t happened since Athlon 64, and that too stands out because it coincided with the debackle that was P4.

  • Scritty

    My son’s 2500K OC’d to 4.2 (My old CPU set up) is neck and neck with my current 4770K at stock – well my processor gets maybe 3-4% better frame rates in a couple of games – I suppose I could OC it – but really wish I hadn’t given my old PC to my son and saved my self £1500 which has provided me with very little improvement (in fact zero noticable – if you don’t run FRAPS or benchmarking program their is no visible difference in anything)
    What has changed gaming is upgrading from a 570 to a 780 after they came doen £150 in price 2 weeks ago.
    Outside of photo and video editing I really can’t see the point of upgrading from Sandybridge unlocked. Waiting for the next decent size jump in performance is getting dull – and stupidly I’m not even saving money. My fault 🙂

  • ScriciR

    this it not cool lots of people spent big buck on high end boards Z87 just to be suck on a 4770k it suck hopefully Intel will gave us at least a few more upgrade choices. every time a new chip a new board , this is bull

  • Ramon

    Pardon my ignorance, what to the SR, BTS and HR abbreviations mean? Currently in the process of upgrading and would like to figure the best possible path.


    • AySz88

      My guess: BTS = Back to School, and HR = Holiday Retail. Not sure about SR (spring or summer?).

      • Anton

        Holiday Refresh and Spring Refresh.

    • AySz88

      My guess: BTS = Back to School, and HR = Holiday Retail. Not sure about SR (spring or summer?).

  • Joeyblitz

    I still have the bitter taste in my mouth from choosing LGA 1156,over 1366,then I chose Z77 ,over X-79,(as the 3820 wasn’t unlocked)and felt kinda burned when they changed to socket 1150.Third time,I will not play and am going straight to X-99.

    • Guest

      You should’ve gone with X79 and that 3820. It might be locked, but you can still overclock it. I’m running my 3820 water-cooled at 4.7 GHz. It benchmarks well above any current Haswell processor despite my whole setup being two years old.

  • basroil

    With SATA Express possibly getting maxed out before it’s widely implemented (some of those drives are already hitting 1GB/s), we might be able to see cool new things like SSD based system memory for laptops/x86 tablets, which would lower cost and battery drain (compared to lpddr3 it would be cheaper and zero power draw for static data not frequently used, check the Princeton research on it). Kind of like having disk page files on steroids. Won’t make much difference in top end gaming rigs, but something like the Surface Pro would have a lot to gain from high speed SATA Express disks.

  • gerwingr

    i am looking forward to this chip set/ processor. maturing with my 1366 socket and and sata 3 add in cards, n usb 3 cards. upgrades work well, but is at a limit now. i am doing video editing. looking forward to this. / thomas gx in Vancouver Canada