GMC H-80 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

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GMC H-80 External Features

GMC H80 Front Connectors
The top of the case houses all the IO ports and power buttons. It also includes an almost mirror reflective LCD display that when plugged in and the system turned on will display case temperature, HDD activity and the PC’s power status.

The connectors included on this front panel are an e-SATA port, 4 x USBs and front panel audio connectors. There’s a breakout tab for firewire, but this model didn’t ship with the connector installed.

GMC H80 Front 3.5 Bay

Moving further down the case, we can see the flip down door for the external 3.5″ bay. Aside from if you’ve got a 3.5″ memory card reader, I can’t see much use for this bay, but with it being hidden behind the door, you don’t have to worry about it ruining case aesthetics.

GMC H80 Front 120mm Vent

At the bottom of the case, we have the rather unique front fan bay door. It lifts up to a 90 degree angle, but will only stay in place at 45 degrees or less. GMC states that the door is for allowing more air to the front fan, but I’m not sure how effective this will be. Alternatively, it would make cleaning the filter without having to remove the whole of the front panel an option, which may prove to be more useful. 

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