Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7H-6500 Ultra Compact PC Kit Review

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BRIX BSi7H-6500 Performance Testing


The Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7H-6500 Ultra Compact PC Kit with the Intel Core i7-6500U processor scored 44.30  FPS on the OpenGL benchmark, 328 points on the multi-core CPU test and 130 points on the single-core CPU test.

  • Intel NUC NUC5i5RYK with the Intel Core i5-5350U processor scored 31.80  FPS on the OpenGL benchmark, 259 points on the multi-core CPU test and 107 points on the single CPU test.
  • Intel NUC NUC5PGYH with the Intel Pentium N3700 processor scored 14.18  FPS on the OpenGL benchmark, 134 points on the multi-core CPU test and 38 points on the single CPU test.
  • ECS LIVA X2 with the Intel Celeron N3050 processor scored 12.69 FPS on the OpenGL benchmark, 64 points on the multi-core CPU test and 34 points on the single CPU test.
  • ECS LIVA X with the Intel Celeron 2808 processor it scored 6.21 FPS on the OpenGL benchmark and then 66 points on the multi-core CPU test and 37 points on the single CPU test.


In 3DMark we scored 3,983 points in Sky Diver, the benchmark for mid-range PCs, specifically 17.96 FPS in Graphics Test 1 and 17.04 FPS in Graphics Test 2.


On the x265 HD Benchmark 64-bit video encoding benchmark we found the Gigabyte Brix S was capable of 7.20 FPS with regards to the average frame rate for encoding HD (1080p) video in the new H.265 / HEVC format.


We ran Handbrake 0.10.5 and used the Big Buck Bunny 1080P 60 FPS movie as our test file. We were able to complete the transcode with an average speed of 23.17 FPS in 27 minutes and 25 seconds.


AIDA64 v5.70 beta showed that the dual channel 1600MHz DDR3L memory had 10-10-10-28 1T timings and was capable of 24,185 MB/s read and 24,626 MB/s write speeds with a latency of 71.9 ns.



The benchmark included in CPU-Z showed we had a single thread performance score of 1536 and a multi-thread performance score of 3411.


CipherShed v0.7.4.0 shows that the Gigabyte Brix S had a mean score of 1.9 GB/s on the AES Encryption test.


We ran the JetStream v1.1 JavaSctipt on Google Chrome 49 and found an overall score of 172.91.


The 7-Zip 15.14 benchmark test showed that the Intel Core i7-6500U Processor in this system had a total rating of 9699 MIPS and handled compression tasks well.


A quick run of CrystalDiskMark v5.1.2 showed the performance of the Samsung SSD 950 Pro 512GB storage drive was pretty epic. Sequential read speed to be 1565 MB/s and the sequential write speed was 1443 MB/s. The Random 4K read speed was 55 MB/s and the 4K random write speed was 166 MB/s.

bootracer test

The last performance test that we wanted to run was Bootracer 5.0 to see how fast the system is able to boot Windows 1o Pro 64-bit. We found that the Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7H-6500 Ultra Compact PC Kit takes 4 seconds to get to the logon screen and it took a total of 18.7 seconds to get up and running on the desktop when using the Samsung SSD 950 Pro 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD. This is a pretty quick boot time!

Let’s take a look at power consumption and CPU temperatures on the Gigabyte BRIX S BSi7H-6500.

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  • jirages

    I struggled with the bios for a few days, and finally…
    If you flash any bios whilst the usb stick starts in UEFI mode, the flashing doesn’t finalise.
    The AFUDOS or flash.bat will execute the b/n/e regions but not the MER (intel managment engine)
    always an error message with memory full and ME was not flashed.
    Remove all usb’s except keyboard,

    go to last page in bios
    chose reset defaults and save – exit- restart in bios
    go to save and exit once more
    force boot from USB (WITHOUT UEFI before USB stick’s name)
    here all will flash perfect, all blocks and Intel engine

  • Tejas Gajjar

    could you review GB-BKi7HA-7500 7th generation please,

    and i have seend new update on their websites would it be able to resolve issues yoiu met…

    thankl you

  • Nuno G.

    Oh boy, only HDMI 1.4, DDR3 and no USB 3.1?!?
    Does this support UEFI ?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      yes, it does support UEFI and I setup the OS with it enabled. It just doesn’t look like it as the BIOS/UEFI GUI is setup for notebook users as that is the team doing the development work. I’ll note that better in the review!

    • Paulinemwithers1

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