DFI LanParty BI G41-T33 Motherboard Review

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Testing Results

DFI LanParty BI G41-T33

DFI LanParty BI G41-T33

Our results are shown against the DFI LanParty Jr. 790G-M3H5 which is an AMD board that also uses DDR3. We were unable to use our 9600GT video card with the Blood Iron board for some reason. So the scores that you see are using the integrated graphics of the board.

Performance of the DFI LanParty BI G41-T33 was actually much better than I anticipated.  The upgrade to DDR3 certainly has helped the performance of the board.  Certainly we see the integrated graphics are not up to the same level that the 9600GT is.  All of our gaming scores are very low on the Blood Iron board, which was to be expected.

Where we were pleasantly surprised with the performance results we saw in all the non-gaming tests.  The board performed really well!

Sandra scores give the edge to the Blood Iron board without questions.  Everest favors the AMD based board and the higher DDR3 speeds we were able to achieve with it.  Remember, there were no options for setting DDR frequency on the board.  It took care of its own, and set ours at DDR3 800 speeds.

POV Ray Beta, Real-Time Rendering and Cinebench 10 all favored the Blood Iron board.  It out-scored the LanParty Jr. AMD board in all of those tests.  HDTach was a split between the boards.

Though it only had the top score in two of the eight Vantage tests, the Blood Iron board still had a strong showing in all of the tests.

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