Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620 Watt Power Supply Review

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The Bundle and External Impressions

When we got our sample from Corsair we noticed the impressive glossy box, which looks like it belongs on a retail shelf. The presentation of the product was great as was the safety foam around the power supply. I’ve never to this day seen a better packaged power supply. Enough talking about the cardboard and foam!

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Opening the box up we found the power supply unit encased in a foam shipping housing and also inside was a modular cable bag, power cord, two plastic bags, and the owners manual.  Opening up the cable bag we found 11 cables that can be used on the power supply.   

The Cables:

  •  2 – 800mm 4 pin peripheral power connector cables (Molex) with 3 “quick release” style connectors
  •  2 – 450mm 4 pin peripheral power connector cables (Molex) with 2 “quick release” style connectors
  •  2 – 550mm PCI Express cables
  •  2 – 800mm SATA connector cables with 3 SATA connectors
  •  1 – 600mm SATA connector cables with 2 SATA connectors
  •  1 – Y-adapter cable with 2 floppy power connectors
  •  1 – Y-adapter cable with 2 4 pin female (Molex) “FAN ONLY” power connectors

That looks like a ton of cables to use at once does it not? A quick look at the power supply tells the full story.

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Although Corsair has shipped eleven modular cables with their power supply the unit itself can only use up to seven of those cables at any given time. Corsair has actually given us a greater number of cables that what is required, so we can pick at choose what to run per our system requirements.  During our use of the power supply we didn’t run into any cable length issues when we test fitted the power supply into some common cases when we checked cable lengths.  One thing that I noticed is that the power supply comes with the 24-pin main power connector, 4-pin +12V connector and 8-pin EPS12V connector that can not be removed.  For all of the systems that we tested on the 4-pin +12V connector was not needed, so we had to hide the wire in our case.  I can only think of a select few companies that have everything removable, but they are also low quality power supplies that I wouldn’t suggest using. In the future it seems that more and more motherboards are using the single 8-pin EPS12V connector, so we could see more modular power supplies adding removable 4-pin +12V and 8-pin EPS12V connectors.  

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The label on the power supply lists the ratings of the power supply and gives the serial number and other information like the revision number.  This is the perfect place to mention that this power supply comes backed by a five year warranty and lifetime access to Corsair’s technical support and customer service. Today it seems that three to five year warranties are standard and it’s good seeing Corsair on the longer side of the warranty spectrum.

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