Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case Review

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Stacker 935 Stacking

Cooler Master  has a nice micro-site that goes over what the Stacker is capable of, and sample configurations.  We pulled a few of these sample configurations to provide a few additional options to the standard layout.  In reality, the stacking options are only limited by your imagination and how stable you keep it.  The taller it goes, the more potential it has to tip over, just a small word of warning.

Stacker Vendor Sample Builds

One of the examples is to purchase the 915 series cases separately, and stack those as needed.  This is a great option for those with multiple Mini-ITX systems.  There is always the standard configuration of the 935, or you could purchase the 935 and another 915.  The mid-tower of the 935 is not available for purchase by iteself.

Stacker 935 Dual System

Stacked on top of each other with a system built in each case we can see how it would look.  Only one power supply was available for installation, so it was moved from the mini-ITX 915R case and installed int he mid-tower 925 case. 

Stacker 935 Mid-Tower Top Bezel

As the cases are designed to be stacked, the top bezel of the 915 fits nicely on the mid-tower portion.  This gives it a finished look should it be placed at the top of the stack.

Stacker 935 with 915R at Bottom

Like with the top bezel, the case feet are removed by two simple screws, and reattached the same way.  Stacked either way, the Stacker 935 looks great!

Stacker 935 Slide

Stacking of the case is extremely simple, once the desired layout is decided on, simply place them on top of each other.  The top case needs to be positioned towards the back of the lower case, then slide it forward.  Once it latches into place, the two screws that secure the top panel or the feet, are also used to secure the two cases together.  While not necessary if they are not going to be moved, it is recommended to secure them together for safety.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Just in case there was concern about how easy the Stacker 935 is to stack, here is a quick video showing how easy the go together.  Please forgive the poor quality of the video, as we are just now starting to do more videos with our reviews.


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