Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Case Review

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Stacker 915 External Impressions

Stacker 915R Full View

Following the same style as the 925 mid-tower portion of the Stacker 935, the 915 is solid black with a full mesh front.  A side window has been replaced by a mesh panel.  This portion of the Stacker 935 measures  8.97 X 9.76 X 22.75 inches (WxHxL).

Stacker 915 Front Bezel

The front of the 915 looks nearly identical to the mid-tower, just much smaller.  The 915R has a couple of small differences; first as it is smaller, the 3 5.25″ device bays is gone, replaced by a single device bay.  Next, and probably the most important, there is no front I/O cluster, and no power button.  I have inquired with Cooler Master whether this is available to be purchased separately.

 Stacker 915 Side Panel

There are two side panels, that are identical, they are actually interchangeable.  The side panel is mostly a filter, as three 120mm or two 140mm fans will fit on each side. If you prefer liquid cooling, a large liquid cooling radiator will fit here.

Stacker 915R Back

The back panel has features we would expect to find on any case, they have just been arranged differently, and a little less.  There is a large power supply slot, as the 915R supports standard ATX power supplies.  Beneath the power supply is the motherboard I/O key, which leads to two PCI vented expansion slots.  

Stacker 915R Top Bezel

Continuing the High Air Flow design, the top panel is all mesh.  It is also removable, which we will see a little later.

Stacker 915 Bottom

While there is usually a filter on most enthusiast cases for the power supply, as the 915R is part of the Stacker line, there are five holes to pass cables through.  Four of the holes are smaller, and has rolled edges instead of a rubber grommet.  The larger hole, which will be covered by a motherboard (if one is installed), does have a rubber cable guard.

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