ASUS G51Vx 15.6″ Gaming Notebook Review

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Battery Life & Temperatures

Battery Life

For our idle battery test, we let the system sit on the desktop with no applications running. For the DVD test, we ran a ripped DVD off the hard drive in Windows Media Player in a loop. The time given is the time it takes a fully charged battery to deplete and the system automatically goes into standby mode.

Battery Life Graph

Result: We do not expect the ASUS G51Vx to have a long battery life as a gaming notebook. However, it would have been nice to see at least a 2 hour battery life in order to watch a complete movie. At just 1 hour 10 minutes, we would have to have a power inverter to be able to watch a movie while on the road.


Our temperature readings were all taken with an infrared thermometer while the system was idle and running a loop of 3DMark06 for the gaming temps.

Idle Temps:

Temperatures at Idle

We were very impressed with how cool the keyboard of the ASUS G51Vx was throughout the duration of our test. However, the exhaust vent is on the left side of the notebook, so south-paws may have an issue with heat blowing on their hand even while surfing the web. We never once had a heat problem with the system overheating as the heatpipe technology was perfect for cooling the system.

Gaming Temps:

Temperatures at Load

Even while running a loop of 3DMark Vantage on the SM3 test, we had trouble getting the keyboard very hot. For a right hander, you will barely be able to notice the system heating up while gaming. But the lefties out there will notice the hot air blowing directly on your hand.

We did notice the bottom of the chassis warmed up a bit, but only where you would expect the hot-spots to be. The CPU and GPU were getting a little warm, but not too hot. We even noticed some areas away from major components got cooler at load due to the cooling fan running at higher RPMs.

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