YouTubers Figure Out How To Shock Themselves in Minecraft

A pair of streamers that play Minecraft called Dream and GoergeNotFound have come up with a method of incentivizing themselves to not lose hearts in the game. The duo has been trying to cobble together a way to shock themselves when they lose hearts in the game using an electrified dog collar.

The setup involves wrapping the electrified collar around their arm and an Arduino board that triggers a shock each time a heart is lost in the game. The gamer called GeorgeNotFound was the one who got to wear the collar and get shocked reports Kotaku.

We can’t tell how much of the reaction is just for the video and how bad it really hurts. We do know that we would prefer to play our video games blissfully unaware of any pain that the digital characters might be undergoing.

The video is funny enough as we quite like to see people do stupid things when those stupid things don’t impact anyone but themselves. Check out the video above.