Xbox Series X Tipped To Be Cheaper Than PS5 At Launch

One of the most significant points that game consoles fight each other on is the price. If performance is near equal, the cheaper device typically wins. Microsoft has confirmed that it will sell the new Xbox Series X game console through the Xbox All Access service. The service essentially allows users to lease the new console.

Xbox All Access currently offers a lease on the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X, along with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting at $20 per month. Those who are already a subscriber will be able to upgrade to an Xbox Series X when it launches by trading in their existing console reports Toms Guide.

One big caveat is that users wanting to subscribe now and then upgrade later have to be subscribers to ACCESS for 18 months or more to upgrade. The new Microsoft game console is expected to launch this winter in time for the holiday shopping season.

That is assuming that the coronavirus pandemic going on around the world doesn’t delay the console. Being able to lease a console and the game service at one small monthly price could prove to be a big selling point for the new Microsoft console with many people out of work during the coronavirus pandemic.