Xbox Personal Hygiene Products Aim to Make Gamers Smell Better

I’m not sure anyone has ever stood in the aisle at their favorite store looking for deodorant or body soap and thought what they needed was something with Xbox branding. Despite the market not asking for Xbox soap products, Microsoft is set to deliver them.

The Xbox series of personal hygiene products include soaps, body wash, antiperspirant, and deodorants. They are all the green you would probably expect from something Microsoft branded and wear the Lynx brand.

Lynx is part of the Axe Body spray line of gear from Unilever. As strange as this might sound, anyone who has hung out with a bunch of gamers on a game bender knows things can get a bit funky.

A line of hygiene products that kids, teens, and gamers might want to use is a welcome thing. The products have launched in Australia and New Zealand for now. It’s not clear if they will come to other countries.