Xbox One Lacking Optical Drive Could Land in May

Rumors have been flying that Microsoft was at work on a new version of the Xbox One that lacks an optical drive. With no optical drive that would mean no playing physical games. Instead, all games would have to be purchased digitally.

Rumors suggest that the digital-only console will have the same hardware that the current Xbox One S uses; this console was formerly known as Project Maverick. Microsoft is tipped to launch the console as a way to lower the cost of entry into the Xbox world.

With the PS4 handily outselling the Xbox, a cheaper console that vastly undercuts the PS4 price could be the boost Microsoft needs with the aging current generation consoles to finally beat out the PS4 in monthly sales. The new console is rumored to sell for as much as $100 less than the Current One S reports ExtremeTech.

If that pricing rumor is true, that would mean a digital-only console that sold for $199. As for not having discs, any games that users own on physical format could be turned into a digital version of the game at Microsoft stores. It’s not clear how gamers not living near a Microsoft store would be able to turn their physical games to digital versions. Rumors point to an April pre-order launch and sales in May.