Xbox Live To Become Xbox Network

Microsoft has announced that it will be rebranding Xbox Live as “Xbox Network.” Other than a name change, everything is expected to remain the same. Microsoft does note that the Xbox Live Gold service will continue to be sold under that name.

Microsoft has said that “Xbox Network” refers to the underlying Xbox online service updated in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The name change is meant to distinguish the underlying service from the Xbox Live Gold membership. Changing the name of the service isn’t expected to impact the service or use in any way.

Perhaps Microsoft is concerned with its next-generation game consoles drawing in new gamers that some might be confused by its current naming convention. We can’t say that we’ve known any gamers to be confused by the names thus far.

Stock levels for the Xbox Series X|S game consoles continues to be a problem. Many gamers who want the next-generation console have yet to be able to get their hands on one. While the new consoles will undoubtedly bring some new gamers to the fold, most buyers are probably currently playing on an Xbox One.