Xbox Game Pass January Additions Include Life is Strange 2

It’s January and if you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass you might be wondering what games will land for you to enjoy this month. That question has now been answered with the announcement that the new games include Absolver, Ark: Survival Evolved and the first chapter of Life is Strange 2.

Last month Microsoft and Square Enix teamed up to bring the five chapter first season of Life is Strange to the Xbox Game Pass along with the three chapter prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The first chapter of Life is Strange 2 is available now.

Microsoft plans to add episodes 2-5 the Xbox Game Pass “soon.” We have no idea what soon means, but Episode 2 is set to launch January 24 reports Polygon. Farming Simulator 17 is available along with Ark: Survival Evolved. Other games include Just Cause 3 and Aftercharge on January 10.

If you are unfamiliar, Xbox Game Pass sells for $9.99 monthly and has over 100 games available. That’s not a bad deal for gaming fans looking for lots of content for little money.