Xbox Cloud Gaming For PC Inches Towards Launch

Cloud gaming is something that many PC and console gamers are big fans of. While cloud gaming is a reality on some console platforms, PC gamers are still waiting for Cloud Gaming from Xbox. Microsoft confirmed in December 2020 that both iOS and PC would be added to the xCloud gaming experience this spring.

Microsoft has now made some progress towards that goal after announcing recently that Cloud Gaming has rolled out via a browser to a group of users inside Microsoft. This marks the largest group of beta testers for the service on PC yet. The internal beta is considered to be the last step before the service is offered in any public preview.

According to reports, those using Microsoft’s service say the experience is a bit buggy currently, but for an early build, that is expected. Game streaming reportedly only works in Chrome or Edge with Firefox or Safari users out of luck. It remains unclear at this time if there will be an app for the PC or if all game streaming will be done directly in a browser.

Xcloud originally launched for Android users, and those users can stream games already. There are significantly more gamers on PC and iOS looking forward to game streaming with Microsoft.