WORX Pegasus WX051 Multi-Function Work Table Review


The holidays are here again and if you are needing a gift idea for someone that has it all we’d like to introduce you to the WORX Pegasus WX051 folding work table and sawhorse. Most homeowners don’t own a good work table or sawhorse, but over the years they will encounter many tasks that would be easier if they had one. The WORX Pegasus is priced at $119.99 shipped (buy on Amazon) and might even be something that you need.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Worktable

The WORX Pegasus WX051 measures 35″ x 25″ x 5.5″ when folded and the open worktable gives you a surface of 31″ x 25″ to work on at a working height of 32″.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Warranty

Inside the box you’ll find the portable worktable, warranty brochure, and instruction manual. It comes fully assembled and you can start using it in seconds! The front of the box and the warranty slip inside of the box state that the WORX Pegasus WX051 has a 3-year warranty, but that appears to have been recently increased to a 6-year warranty.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Worktable Foldable Legs

On the bottom of the WORX Pegasus there is an extra storage shelf that holds the four clamp dogs that are included with the worktable. There are eight spots for the clamp dogs on the worktable and these are great for holding materials without coming over the top of what is being worked on.

You can buy an additional 4-pack of WORX clamp dogs in the WA0091 set if you are after more versatility for $12.99 (buy on Amazon) if you need them. They are about 0.75-inches in height and it doesn’t appear that they sell any that are shorter.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Worktable Foldable Legs

The side of the storage shelf has two small tabs sticking out with two holes above each one of the tabs. This is where you can place your power strip and then zip tie it to the WORX Pegasus. Notice that the metal frame that runs the at the center of each leg for strength. The orange tabs on each left are what locks the worktable open and pressing these will lower the surface.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Worktable Clamps

Two clamps are included with the WORX Pegasus and they are stored in the arms of the unit. When you are ready to use them they can be slipped into the T-track in a matter of seconds. The clamps will hold material that is up to 17.75-inches and have rubber pads on both ends to keep from damaging softer items. The clamps are also removable and can be used for other projects that have nothing to do with the WORX Pegasus. WORX says the bar clamps are capable of exerting 300 lbs of force to keep your project from moving all over the place.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Worktable Clamps Holding Board

Clamping short pieces of Cedar boards to the table to be cut or sanded was a breeze, but we did notice that with long pieces of heaver wood that table might not be as stable as desired. It really just depends on what material you’ll be working with and how flat of a surface the WORX Pegasus is on. When opened up as a worktable the maximum supported weight is 300 lbs, but with the arms down the sawhorse is designed to hold 1,000lbs!

The weight of the WORX Pegasus is 30lbs and that is pretty light compared to solid wood or metal workstations that some use. It does not have a handle for carrying it around, but we’ve found sticking it under your arm and holding one of the table sides works pretty well. The table surface doesn’t lock closed, so watch the pinch points and don’t let the kids carry it or set it up.

WORX Pegasus WX501 Portable Worktable Tray and Connecting Straps

The top of the molded ABS table has a built-in tape measure and accessory trays that will keep your screws or nails from falling on the floor. A pair of orange link locks are also located on each side of the table and this allows for you to connect multiple tables together for a larger work area. This helps keeps the tables together to ensure they won’t move around when you are sanding or sawing on your workpiece.

At the end of the day the WORX Pegasus Sawhorse & Worktable is great for those that are looking for a highly portable worktable. It can be used for a variety of things around the home, so it doesn’t have to be used on just the jobsite. It also doesn’t feel like the price is unreasonable at $119.99 shipped (buy on Amazon) with a 6-year warranty.