Withings Launches Smartwatch that Measures ECG for $129

If the only feature that made you want the latest Apple watch was the ability to take an ECG and monitor your heart, a new and much cheaper alternative has surfaced. Withings has a new smartwatch that sells for only $129 that can measure ECG.

Withings has been making health-related gadgets for a while now with products like smart scales, thermometers, and other devices. The smartwatch is called the Move ECG, and it features an analog face. The watch has three electrodes that can take an ECG of the wearer’s heart.

Two of those electrodes are in the body of the watch, and the third is in the bezel. Users touch both sides of the wearable and wait 30 seconds for the ECG to be taken. The Apple Watch uses a similar method to take an ECG.

The Move ECG wearable is also able to track activity and sleep, count steps, and can detect and track activities like swimming or running. The wearable is water resistant to 50 meters. One thing lacking is a heart rate monitor; the wearable will launch sometime in Q2 at $129 reports Ars Technica.