The Witcher Series and Lots More on Sale on Steam

If you are like me and you have never played The Witcher series, but the games sound interesting this might be the time to jump in. The entire series is on sale right on now Steam. All three of the games along with the expansions for the games are on right now. The first game came out 11 years ago and was heralded as a game changer.

The enhanced edition of the original game is only $1.49 right now on Steam reports Gamespot. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is also on sale for $3. The latest game in the series, The Witcher 3, landed in 2015. Steam is offering that game for $20 and it is the Game of the Year Edition with expansions included. For less than $25 you can have all three of the games.

There are some other games on sale right now, though admittedly they aren’t anywhere near the same class as The Witcher series. Plague Inc: Evolved is a very fun game and can be purchased for $6. Mount and Blade is available for $3 with expansions available for $3 to $7 each. If you want to be a virtual farmer, Farm Manager 2018 is available for $17.

The list of games includes some other cool items as well. Perhaps the biggest time suck of all is one of my favorite games, Civilization V, for only $7.49. That game came out nearly 8 years ago and is still one of my favorites and runs and looks good on modern PCs.