Windows 10 Install Base Hits 800 Million Devices

Microsoft recently took a bit of time to brag on how many devices Windows 10 is running on. Windows 10 is currently installed on 800 million active devices, which is a major increase in the last six months. The last numbers Microsoft gave showed the OS on 700 million devices as of the end of last September.

It’s only been a couple of months since Windows 10 finally clawed its way past Windows 7 for marketshare. Windows 10 has steadily grown in device numbers since launch, which makes sense as PCs running older versions of Windows are replaced with new machines that come from the factory with Windows 10 installed.

Support for Windows 7 will expire next year, specifically on January 14, 2020. That means that in the coming months Windows 10 will see its userbase grow even more as systems are replaced in the corporate environment to maintain support.

Once support for Windows 7 officially ends, any security updates will be and a paid basis. Microsoft is expected to reach a billion devices built running Windows 10 in Q2 2020 reports Venture Beat.