Wild One Max Brings A Classic Toy To Life

One glance at the pictures of the vehicle below called the Wild One Max will have any person around in the 80s filled with nostalgic memories. Around 1985 one of the most popular toys on the market was the Tamiya Wild One remote-controlled dune buggy. Thanks to The Little Car Company, that classic toy is now an actual vehicle you can drive.

The Wild One Max is an electric vehicle with room for one person that can go 25 miles per charge. While the remote-controlled toy was a 1/10 scale vehicle, the Wild One Max is an 8/10 scale vehicle. That means it’s not quite full-scale and is sized more along the lines of a large side-by-side off-road vehicle.

Interestingly, there will be a kit that allows the Wild One Max to be converted for road use in some countries. It’s unclear which countries the vehicle will be available in, and it’s unclear which countries it might be street legal in.

Wild One Max is rear-wheel-drive and has a top speed of 30 mph. Its electric motor produces about 5.5 horsepower, and it rolls on 15-inch off-road tires. It does have hydraulic disc brakes and an adjustable driving seat. The interior is very minimalist, featuring a racing steering wheel and digital gauges, and multiple driving modes. The vehicle can be preordered now for £6000 with a £100 deposit.