Website Pulls Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 Story after Take-Two Sues

Ahead of the official launch of the highly anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2 this month, there were a huge number of leaks and rumors. One of the websites that covered those leaks, according to Kotaku, was a website in England called TrustedReviews. TrustedReviews has now pulled a story originally published back in February 2018 that detailed leaked information about RDR2 that was obtained by the publication for unnamed sources.

Not only was the publication forced to pull the story, but it also issued an apology to Take-Two Games and agreed to pay 1 million pounds to charities named by Take-Two as a result of legal action. That works out to about $1.3 million. The original leaked details that the story had listed included things like a first-person mode, which turned out to be true, and the fact that a battle royale mode would be featured.

That latter feature is unknown at this time. Rather than linking to the original story, the link now goes to a page with an apology to Take-Two games. We must wonder what’s next, will Take-Two go after every publication that wrote something based on TrustedReviews story and what will this mean for the publishing industry.

The apology reads, “On February 6, 2018, we published an article that was sourced from a confidential corporate document. We should have known this information was confidential and should not have published it. We unreservedly apologise to Take-Two Games and we have undertaken not to repeat such actions again. We have also agreed to donate over £1 million to charities chosen by Take-Two Games.”