Vizo Mini Ninja Notebook Cooler Review

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The Vizo Ninjo Notebook Cooler Goes Mini

Vizo Mini Ninja Notebook Cooler

Laptop coolers are one of those universal accessories that most laptop users will undoubtedly decide to pick up at some point.  With so many different types of coolers – passive, active, with fans, without fans – it’s hard for the everyday laptop user to navigate the many choices when all they want is something that works.  As the mobile industry starts to grow, as it has in the past couple of years, we will certainly see this market grow.

Legit Reviews really hasn’t seen too many products from VIZO Technology Corporation.  Vizio is a leading global manufacturer and designer of computer peripheral products serving customers around the world. They were established in Taiwan in 1992, and are now in the midst of a large expansion and now operate in the perhipheral market completely reorganized from their original business form. The company now claims they are more prepared to meet the demands for high quality perhipheral and accessory products which are ‘Made in Taiwan’.  The company‚Äôs philosophy is to share results among the employees, build trust with their customers, maximize efficiency in work and create innovation designs.  VIZO wants to be in a position to to provide PC users a variety of “Do It Yourself” products and peripherals.

Mini Ninja In the Box

Before we tear into the product, here are some of the specifications of the Vizo Mini Ninja Laptop cooler.

Key Specifications:

  • Housing Dimensions : 350mm (l) x 170mm (w) x 40mm (h)
  • Housing Material : Aluminum
  • USB Bus Power : 5V / 500mA
  • DC Fan Dimensions : 70 x 70 x 15 ( 2 PCS )
  • Bearing Type : Sleeve Bearing
  • Speed : 2000 RPM
  • Noise Level : 20 dBA
  • Max Air flow : 13.72( Min:11.22 )CFM
  • Rated Voltage : DC 5 V
  • Rated Current : 0.24 ( Max:0.34 ) A x 2
  • Compatibility : 7″ ~ 15.4″ notebook PC
  • Weight : 600 g

The original Vizo Ninja notebook cooler was 320mm x 300mm x 40mm, so at 350mm x 170mm x 40mm the Vizo Ninja notebook cooler is wider than but not as deep as the original version. The fans have the same dimensions as the original ones, but spin slower. As a result, the air flow and noise levels are decreased. The Vizo Ninja weighed in at 1050 grams and, thanks to the smaller design, the Mini Ninja comes in at nearly half the weight being just 600 grams. Now that we know what the Mini Ninja is all about, we can take a closer look.

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