Vive Pro Eye VR Headset Lands in North America

HTC has announced its latest VR headset aimed at business users has landed. The headset is called the Vive Pro Eye, and it is available in North America on for $1,599. The Pro Eye has the latest eye-tracking technology and is already being used in multiple industries.

The headset has precision eye tracking for more expressive avatars. It supports dynamic training environments and can provide users with intelligent performance feedback. Gaze-oriented menu navigation is supported, eliminating the need for controllers.

The headset has increased efficiency and quality thanks to foveated rendering to focus GPU power on where the user is looking. Among the companies who are already using Pro Eye are BMW to allow customers to configure and sit inside a simulated M5 sports car in VR.

Ovation is using the headset to train people on public speaking skills. The handset allows the user to create a virtual environment and tracks that the user is making eye contact with who they are speaking to.