Vivaldi Browser Cookie Crumbler Feature Aims To Stop Annoying Cookie Consent Messages

Anyone who surfs the web with frequency knows that sometimes some of the sites you visit repeatedly ask you each time to accept cookies, and it gets quite annoying. Anyone who hates those cookie consent messages might want to check out the latest version of the Vivaldi browser. The feature is called Cookie Crumbler.

Users of the browser can enable the feature in settings – privacy – tracker and ad blocking – manage sources – and then enable remove cookie warnings. When enabled, the service blocks the ability for websites to ask for consent for cookies or hides the consent dialogue the same way it hides a tracker or an ad.

Vivaldi does warn users that the Cookie Crumbler feature isn’t perfect just yet. Currently, it relies on third-party blocklists, so it’s only as effective as those lists are.

“While Cookie Crumbler works on most of the websites, this is not a perfect solution, as there will be a few websites that use other tactics to obtain cookie consent,” Vivaldi says.

“Please note that some sites may not let users in at all and may not work as expected as they actually require cookie consent for some functionality but you can disable the ad blocker in Vivaldi on those sites to disable the Cookie Crumbler.”