Valve Index Premium VR Headset Costs $999

Valve has rolled out a new virtual reality headset that is available for preorder. The headset is called the Valve Index and it sells for $999 for the headset, two hand tracking controllers, and two base stations that use laser sensors to increase the play space.

The pricing for the Valve Index undercuts the HTC Vive Pro, which is interesting considering Valve created that headset in cooperation with HTC. Those not wanting the entire $999 kit can buy Index hardware separately reports Motherboard.

The headset alone will set you back $500. The controllers alone are $280, and a single base station is $149. A bundle with the headset and controllers together is $749. Another nice tidbit for those already into VR is that the Vive controller and base stations work with the Index.

However, Valve points out that the new Vive station only works with the Vive Pro. The controller that Valve offers with the Index is impressive with 87 sensors per controller to allow more precise control of things in game. For comparison, the HTC Vive Pro system is $1,400. The Index offers better screens with up to 144 Hz refresh rates and 130-degree field of view.