Used Nest Cameras Can be Viewed by Original Owners

Anyone in the market for a used Nest Cam Indoor security camera needs to pay attention. A serious security issue has been discovered by a former owner of a Nest Cam Indoor who had sold his camera to another person. The original owner had paired the Nest camera with a wink smart-home hub.

When the camera was sold to another user, the original owner discovered that he could still view still images from the Nest camera. While he could view a live feed from the camera before resetting the camera and selling it, only still images could be seen after it was sold.

Being able to see still images from inside another person’s home is disturbing. The thought is that the issue stems from the camera lacking a hardware factory reset option. The reset process removes the camera from the account reports 9to5Google.

However, the Wink account is retaining access to the camera after that reset process. There is no fix for the issue right now if you own a used Nest camera you should unplug it.