Updated Nintendo Switch Could Land Next Summer

The Nintendo Switch has been a big seller for Nintendo and is something that the company desperately needed. One upside to making the console a hybrid at home and portable offering for Nintendo is that it can revise the hardware on the portable side of the console and spur buyers to replace their older console. A new report is making the rounds that claims Nintendo is doing just that.

GameSpot says that a report from the Wall Street Journal cites sources who claim to be familiar with what is going on at Nintendo. These sources claim that an updated Switch will land in summer 2019 and that the update is likely to bring an improved display.

With the Switch competing directly against smartphones in the mobile gaming market, having a screen on the console that lacks common features found in smartphones isn’t ideal. An updated screen would make lots of sense and would push buyers to upgrade their console.

The sources claim that the updated Switch would be software compatible with existing games. It would be nice if Nintendo also updated other hardware inside the console, like the processor, to enable features like video capture with Fortnite.