Untitled Goose Game Coming To PS4, Xbox, and Possibly Mobile

When the devs behind the Untilted Goose Game launched on the Nintendo Switch and PC, they likely didn’t expect the success they received with the slick little game. The devs behind the game have been talking about bringing the title to additional consoles.

The devs said that they would bring the game to Xbox and PS4. They are also considering bringing the game to mobile devices. One of the devs did note that they were still thinking about how to bring the game to mobile devices reports Gamespot.

They say making a version that works for touch controls will take a lot of design work. After they get the game going on consoles, they will move on to their next project.

Untitled Goose Game is on the Eshop and Epic Game Store right now. The game is planned for a Steam release next year. The game looks like fun as players paly as a goose harassing the local town.