Undervolting the AMD A64 X2 4200+ AM2 Processor


Power Consumption and Temperature Results

After finding out the lowest stable voltage that the core could run at we used our Seasonic Power Angel meter and measured the total system power consumption in Watts. To get the idle results we let the system run at idle and then for load we ran Prime 95 and Super PI Mod v1.5 to ger the CPU running at 100% load.

AMD 4200+ Power Consumption

At idle we found undervolting the processor reduced power consumption by 11 Watts and under full load the power consumption dropped 28 Watts. By undervolting our processor we were able to save nearly 30 Watts of power under full load!

What does that 30 Watts mean to you in temperature?

AMD 4200+ Temperature Chart

When it comes to temperatures we used SpeedFan to monitor the core temperatures of the processor during our idle and load testing. At idel the lower vCore was able to drop the core temperatures 2C, while at full load it droped 6C! With 100% system stability we were able to shave 28W and 6C off our system when it’s under full load! Not bad at all for just changing one setting in the motherboard BIOS (can also be done on nTune).

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