ULi readies all-in-one AMD K8 solution, first dual-channel DDR2 northbridge

Taiwan-based chipset vendor ULi plans to begin mass production of a new all-in-one chip solution for AMD K8 processors in the second quarter of this year and aims to begin manufacturing its first product with dual-channel DDR2 memory support at year-end, according to the company?s associate vice president Bruce Tai.

The all-in-one solution, the M1697, will follow another ULi northbridge for the AMD K8 platform, the M1695. Both products are expected to be ready for mass production around May. The M1697 is very interesting because it?s designed to integrate a lot of features, including support for legacy interfaces such as parallel ATA, and new prospective technologies such as SATA II and High-Definition Audio. In addition, the chip has some security functions that support the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2 specification developed by TCG (Trusted Computing Group).”

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