UK Watchdog Group Which? says iPhone Battery Estimates are Exaggerated

Tests conducted by a UK watchdog group caleld Which? have found that Apple is overestimating the battery life of various iPhone models significantly. The iPhone XR is cited as falling particularly short of Apple’s claims.

Which? says that in its testing all nine iPhone models underperformed when it came to battery life with between 18% and 51% less runtime per charge. The iPhone XR was the worst offender.

Which said, “the [iPhone XR] battery lasted for 16 hours and 32 minutes, whereas Apple claimed that it would last 25 hours” when it comes to talk time. Apple was quick to respond to the Which?’s claims, unsurprisingly standing behind its products.”

Which? also claims that HTC is also overestimating runtime. Interestingly the watchdog group found that Samsung, Sony, and Nokia underestimate talk time of their devices with the Xperia Z5 providing almost 9 hours more talk time than Sony promised.