Ubisoft Announces Coming Rainbow Six Retail Changes

Ubisoft has announced that it will be making changes to come of the game version that are available for Rainbow Six siege fans to purchase. The starter edition is only on PC and comes with access to all Rainbow Six Siege content including modes, maps, weapons, level progression and includes 600 credits in the game. The big difference between this version and others is that it takes more time to unlock all 20 original operators. They each cost 12,500 Renown each in this version.

The Advanced Edition is replacing the standard edition of the game and comes with all content the Standard edition had and access to all current content for the game. It has the standard unlock time for the 20 original operators.

Gold edition has a year 3 pass and all content of Advanced edition. The complete edition has all Advanced Edition content and year 1 and 2 operators unlocked. The detail on the new Outbreak and Outbreak Collection were also offered.

Outbreak is a four-week event allowing gamers to team with two friends to take on the mysterious threat. Outbreak will launch the Year 3 season 1 title update. Outbreak Packs will be offered with special gear. The Outbreak collection can be purchased and has 50 unique items with no duplicates. Players that acquire 50 Outbreak packs will have the entire collection of weapon skins, and other content. An Outbreak Packs is 300 R6 credits each.