Twitch Prime Subscribers Get Second Fortnite Loot Pack

Amazon is doing very well with its Prime memberships that get you fast and free two-day shipping among other things. It wants to lure gamers who might not be interested in Prime itself with Twitch Prime subscriptions. The two come in a bundle and if you have Twitch Prime and like Fortnite a new loot pack reports Forbes.

This is the second Twitch Prime loot pack for Fortnite and includes no weapons. You get a trailblazer outfit that looks sort of like an outfit an Army Ranger would wear. The pack also feature a True North Back Bling. This is a hiking backpack with a big canteen on the back.

The Tenderizer Harvesting tool is a giant meat tenderizer that you can whack things within the game. The other bit in the pack is the Freestyle Emote. Like all Emotes it’s essentially a dance.

I’m not sure this loot pack is enough to lure people to join Prime in itself. That said if you are a fan of Fortnite and already have a membership it makes sense to grab this loot pack while you can.