Tt eSPORTS MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Checking out the Tt eSPORT MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It’s difficult to decide what gaming keyboard to buy. With so many selections at competitive prices, the user doesn’t normally want to go through with buying a keyboard and finding one they like better at their local computer shop. So, normally, we refer to reviews for answers as to which keyboard (or other peripheral) to buy. For a budget gamer, $89.99 is still a little steep, but for a brand that’s recognized in the gaming world, some of us would easily fork over the extra few bucks to get something higher in quality.

The heavy plastic build shows the durability of the keyboard. A keyboard that weighs an ounce probably isn’t made out of the best material compared to one that weighs more than a brick.

The bottom row of the keyboard is rather unconventional with a smaller control key and wider space bar. The wider space bar helps with little to nothing since our thumbs sit relatively close to each other when typing and when gaming, it isn’t exactly necessary for the left side of the space bar to extend halfway into the X key. The smaller control key can prove to be problematic when gaming since it significantly raises the possibility of hitting the windows key. Although the control and windows key could be switched by a simple macro, it still doesn’t fix the fact that they’re in awkward positions. This may seem pretty negative, with people on reddit complaining about the bottom row, but this also could simply just take some time getting used to.

Setting up the Tt eSPORT MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is simple. Simply plug the USB into the computer and the drivers will install automatically. There is no required software to operate the keyboard’s backlighting effects.

The Tt eSPORT MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features Cherry MX mechanical switches (Blue, Brown, and Red) that offer the performance that a lot of gamers look for in a gaming keyboard. The model we have here at Legit Reviews has the Cherry MX Blue switches that have the tactility and clicky sound that we normally go for when we want to annoy our parents or wake up our neighbors through the paper thin apartment walls. Personally though, I prefer the Cherry MX Blue switches simply because the tactile feel and click sound make typing much easier as I don’t have to bottom out the key for each stroke. When applied to gaming, it makes it easier to cast spells or quickly maneuver to avoid Morgana’s super quick CC in League of Legends.

Tt eSPORT’s MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has red LED backlighting with 6 different intensities. This makes playing in the dark much simpler since we won’t have to frequently adjust our eyes to look at the keys with the illumination of our monitors. Additionally, there are four pre-configured lighting zones for FPS, MOBA, RPG, and RTS games.

The MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with a keycap puller and 9 red replaceable keys (WASD, up, down, left, right, and Esc).

Side view of the MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

We went through the features of the Tt eSPORT MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. On the following page we’ll give you our final thoughts and conclusions.

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