Treyarch Makes Big Changes to Black Ops 4 Multiplayer After Beta Feedback

One of the reasons that any game gets beta testing is to find bugs and improve the game. Treyarch is taking the feedback received during the beta for Black Ops 4 and using that feedback to improve the game. A new weapon has been added called the “outlaw” and it is a sniper rifle.

A new operator mod called “Dual Wield SMG” is added to allow equipping two of the same guns at once. The game has gained a new 3-round burst pistol called RK 7 Garrison. Players who are using LMG weapons will have little to no flinch when aiming down sites reports Dextero.

A pair of new LMGs are being added after the beta. A new thermal sight option for some weapons was announced. New scorestreaks include Drone Squad, Sniper’s Nest, and Dart. Drone squad is a squad of drones flying around the map and sending intel. Snipers Nest sends two snipers in a helicopter flying around to shoot your enemy. The Dart can remotely fly a dart able to do recon and shoot down small rockets.

The Gunship and Attack Chopper are revised and dropshotting is possible with the Stock II attachment. Fog of War is changed significantly with players showing up on opponent FOW seeing an eye ball icon to tell them they have been detected. Stem Shot healing is dialed back and the time needed to use it has increased.