Toshiba Unveils Mainstream RC100 NVMe SSD

Toshiba Aims To Make NVMe Mainstream

Toshiba Memory America today announced their latest product, the value-oriented RC100 NVMe M.2 SSD. Designed for the retail and system integrator markets, the Toshiba RC100 aims to bridge the gap between higher end NVMe performance and SATA pricing. Using Toshiba Memory 64-layer, 3-bit-per-cell TLC BiCS Flash NAND and in-house developed SSD controller in a single package without any onboard DRAM present, the RC100 was built to offer consumers a viable alternative to pricier high-end NVMe SSDs. Besides being a lower-cost alternative to nVME drives, the Toshiba RC100 is designed for power-efficiency, making it optimal in scenarios where optimal battery life is essential.

OCZ RC100 Value SSD

With performance touted between typical SATA III drive performance and high end performance seen from a drive like the Samsung 960 Pro, The Toshiba RC100 also integrates Host Memory Buffer (HMB) technology to deliver up to 1,620 megabytes per second and 1,130MB/s in sequential read/write transfer rates and up to 160,000 and 120,000 random read/write IOPS3, all without requiring onboard DRAM.

“The market has never been more ready for NVMe to go mainstream, but it needs the right product,” said Alex Mei, vice president marketing, consumer SSDs and storage outbound marketing at TMA. “With the ultimate balance of value, size, power, and performance, the RC100 SSD Series makes leveraging all the benefits of NVMe a reality for more users than ever before.”

Alex Mei transitioned over to Toshiba when they purchased OCZ a few years ago. After purchasing OCZ, Toshiba subsequently released a few products under the OCZ name, notably the RD400 NVMe drive. In late 2016, the OCZ brand was dissolved and there is no longer any OCZ branding on the current lineup of Toshiba products. Many of the current staff at Toshiba Memory America are old OCZ employees who transitioned over and it is good to see Toshiba continue to compete in the SSD market.

Toshiba RC100 drives are offered in the M.2 2242 form factor and available in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities. Each Toshiba RC100 SSD is backed by a 3-year warranty.

For more information, please visit Toshiba Memory of America.