Tile Sticker Sticks To Small Stuff

If you are the sort that tends to lose your smartphone, game controller, or remote all the time, Tile has a new tracking sticker for you. The new Sticker is small enough to adhere to just about anything. To celebrate the launch of the Sticker, Amazon has a deal.

A four-pack of Tile Stickers sells for $59.99, and the price on Amazon includes a third-gen Echo Dot. Tile Sticker is not exactly tiny with a thickness of about four quarters. They have a wireless range of about 150-feet reports CNET.

They are fully waterproof and could potentially be used on all sorts of outdoor stuff like bikes or cameras like the GoPro. Each of the stickers claims enough power for three years of use.

The Echo Dot supports the Alexa skill to allow users to find their Tile Sticker using their voice. The free Echo Dot in the bundle is a $50 value.