Tier-1 motherboard maker’s will use VIA K8T890 chipset


PCI-Express and dual graphic card capable for AMD. Motherboard maker’s including Abit, Albatron, ASUS, Gigabyte, Shuttle, and Soltek will manufacture motherboards based on the VIA (AMD64) K8T890 chipset, as well as the K8T890 Pro. The latter features VIA’s DualGFX Express allowing the Enduser to combine the rendering power of two graphics cards for PCIe. The chipset will support the AMD Althon64, Athlon64 FX, Opteron, and Semperon processor’s. The South Bridge chip, VIA VT8237 will support Serial-ATA, V-RAID, VIA Velocity Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, and “Vinyl” VIA’s on-board sound in 6 or 8 channels, as reported by The Inquirer.

“The K8T890 chipset is optimized to work seamlessly with the latest PCI Express graphics cards, featuring a PCI Express x16 connection for up to 4GB/s of dedicated graphics bandwidth per direction, and provides four PCI Express x1 connections…The VIA K8T890 integrates VIA’s Hyper8 technology supporting a 1GHz/16-bit HyperTransport processor-to-chipset link, that delivers up to 8GB/s of bandwidth to help ensure all AMD64 processor-based systems achieve their full performance potential…For connectivity to the South Bridge the VIA K8T890 features a high bandwidth Ultra V-Link bus to allow communication between the chipset North and South bridges at a blazing 1GB/s.” VIA Technologies Inc.

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