This Custom Car Was Inspired By A Ferrari 250 GT SWB

RML Group has announced that it has reached the end of the development process for its incredibly beautiful RML Short Wheelbase. The 1959 Ferrari 250 GT SWB inspired the vehicle, but the RML car is physically larger. It maintains the classic lines of the Ferrari. The RML Short Wheelbase is powered by a Ferrari V 12, making 478 horsepower and 419 pound-foot of torque.

The car is rear-wheel-drive and uses a six-speed Ferrari manual gearbox. The interior has the iconic open-gated Ferrari shifter and can accommodate drivers up to six foot six inches tall. The hallmark of the RML Short Wheelbase is classic looks with modern conveniences.

The car’s interior features premium materials everywhere and electronically adjustable seats. It’s also fitted with satellite navigation, smartphone connectivity, air conditioning, and cupholders. The car is meant to be beautiful to look at, fast, and comfortable to drive for long distances.

RML Group isn’t offering any pricing information, but the car will go on sale in the last quarter of 2021 with a production run of around 30 cars. We’d wager the vehicle will be very expensive.