Thermaltake USB Powered Mobile Fan 12 Review

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Introduction – The Mobile Fan 12

I’m a computer geek and, generally speaking, most of you visiting Legit Reviews today are the same as me. You love computers, probably spend a good amount of time playing on your computer and you probably spend a good majority of time either typing or playing games. Well, if any of you have an issue of sweating while gripping your mouse due to how hot your hand can get or your joints in the fingers feel like they’re heating up from your extended typing, Thermaltake may have a product for you with the Mobile Fan 12.

Down to the basics here, Thermaltake shows you everything that’s going to be available on the front of the box along with a few small bullet points about the Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12:

  • USB Powered – no need for an external power brick
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 800~1500 R.P.M. Rotation Speed
  • 120x120x25mm Dimensions

Warranty wise, they give you a year longer than you see on many gadgets, which is nice to see. The RPM Value is pretty common for this size of fan. What is uncommon is being able to pull off 1500RPM on 5v. So it’ll be interesting to see how well Thermaltake will be able to hold this value. A small note: USB can only provide up to 5v, though USB’s output voltage can vary depending on what your 5v or 5VSB rail outputs on your PSU. This is a reason to always buy a good PSU, so you won’t have problems with your computer and, in this case, the USB devices connected to it.

The back of this box outlines some specifications for this product:

Part Number  AF0007
 Fan Dimensions  120x120x25mm
 Started Voltage  ≤4v
 Rated Voltage  5v
 Power Input  Max. 3.6w
 Rated Current  0.3A
 Fan Speed  800~1500rpm ±250rpm
 Max. Airflow  66.55CFM ±10%
 Max. Air Pressure  1.42mmH20 ±10%
 Noise Level  19db(A) ~ 33.5dB(A) ±10%
 Bearing Type  Sleeve
 Life Expectation 30,000hrs @ 25*C
 Connector  USB
Extension Cable Length 167cm / 65.74 Inches
 Weight 267g / 0.59 Pounds

I can say, from what Thermaltake claims their fan can do, it’s pretty impressive. Almost 66CFM at 1500 RPM with a 2:1 Noise Ratio on 5v is impressive for any fan. What makes this impressive, really, is the voltage rating; most common case fans won’t start below 7v, and some even click when running under 9v. So, to produce a fan that starts at 4v and operates at 1500 RPM on 5v is very impressive and not an easy feat to pull off.

Here is the Mobile fan 12 in all its glory. You can see it has a small wire frame along with 2 wire grills on each side so no one can stick their fingers in this fan while it’s spinning and either hurt themselves or break the fan. On the left side of the fan you can see a small dial which is used for speed control on this fan. In the center we have our nice Thermaltake logo which I have always liked as it has a good, classy look to it. It is not too flashy yet not bland.

We’ll go over the contents of the box and dimensions of the fan with the base installed on the next page.

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